Disney vacations are supposed to be magical. So often, people will take a trip there being unprepared and miss out on so much of that magic! Don’t spend countless hours researching resorts, restaurants, rides and more…entrust your vacation experience to a professional and leave the stress behind!

Did you know that all Disney Destinations actually build in a commission into the travel that they sell to the public? That’s right, when you book directly with with them via their website or calling in, you are actually paying for the services of a travel agent, but not receiving that help! Disney will actually keep that money that they would have paid to a travel agent for all of their planning services. So, by booking your vacation through us, you will receive all of our planning services as listed below.

We offer 4 different Vacation Planning Packages for planning services to Walt Disney World.


This package is for everyone that books their vacation package directly through one of our travel planners. The free planning services they will receive include:

  • Consultation to go over your desires for this vacation via email or telephone (your preference)
  • No obligation travel quotes provided which include our recommendation based off of the consultation
  • With our help, once you have chosen the perfect travel package for your family, we will process the required deposit on your vacation for you. This deposit is $200 per room (plus the cost of travel insurance if being added).
  • From the moment your vacation is booked, we will price monitor the package for the very best rates. When a promotion is released for your travel dates, we will automatically apply any applicable discount to save you money! If for any reason your particular resort is blocked out from the promotion, we will contact you immediately to give you options to switch resorts to save money if you desire to do so!
  • We will create a customized, easy to read itinerary just for your family. This includes our recommendations of which park to visit each day, advance dining and special activity reservations, and even fastpasses. We take care of all the details so that you can have the best experience possible.
  • You will receive all of our insider tips, and we will even put notes in  your online account that you can view via the free My Disney Experience app while you are vacationing. These notes will include such things as what time you should leave a certain destination to get to the next, directions on how to get to dining reservations, etc.
  • We take care of completing your online check in for you, to make your arrival at the resort seamless.
  • Through the entire booking and planning process, you have access to your travel planner via email or phone. No need for you to call Disney directly and have lengthy hold times just to ask a question, that is what we are here for!
  • Not only will you receive our concierge planning services, but you can also take advantage of discounts that are exclusive to only our clients! You have access to discounted customized clothing from Mojo’s Boutique as well as discounted character calls from the popular Esalaah for your kids. We will provide you with the coupon codes for each of these if you desire to use their services.

Fill out our quote request to get started!


If you booked your vacation already directly through Walt Disney World within the last 30 days, and have not paid the balance in full yet, we can still provide you with everything in package #1! All you have to do is submit a completed transfer form allowing us to be your travel agent. Your current booking remains the same, but this just informs Disney that you are authorizing us to do your planning and discount monitoring.


If you actually enjoy planning your own Disney vacations, but would like for us to only price monitor  your package, we can do that too! We often times have clients that have been to Disney World numerous times and do not need any assistance with itinerary, reservations or fastpasses. They do, however, like that we can apply discounts for them so they do not have to bother with that. If you would like to forgo all of our planning services and only have us price monitor your vacation package, book your trip directly through us and we will send you a $25 Disney Gift Card prior to your travel dates. (This applies to anyone who transfers a vacation to us only for discount monitoring as well) You can also still take advantage of our exclusive discount offerings!


If you are already booked with Walt Disney World and do not meet the transfer criteria, you are using a timeshare, or just staying off property for your lodging, we would still love to help you. In this scenario, we would not be paid by Disney since we didn’t assist you with booking. If you would would like take take advantage of everything in package 1, there will be a planning fee as follows:

1-4 day vacation planning: $200

5-10 day vacation planning: $300

11+ day vacation planning: please inquire

**This planning fee does not include the cost of any of your travel expenses, but for our professional planning services only. The fee is collected per itinerary provided, and is non refundable and non transferable. The fee is for one itinerary based on the consultation with the client, and includes one revision. If more revisions are requested by the client, additional fees can occur.

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